Ways of Waste Management

Economic Times, Sunday, August 7, 2005

Even the most rabid globalist would admit that globalisation, too, has its “discontents”, although most likely he would reason them to be due to insufficient effort towards globalisation on the part of governments, or ignorance on the part of the general public or its inclination towards immediate results.

In fact, there has been an increasing trend in social researches, coming out of premier First World institutions, of moralising social conflicts. They see them as “greed disguised”. But at least this much everybody will admit that the dream of a peaceful, post-Cold War global village has not materialised.

This leads to a general apathy towards legal political processes as they do not allow the “multitude” even the illusion of influencing the institutions that affect their economic well-being. The recent nos against the new EU constitution are symptomatic of the general mood against such depoliticisation.

That apart, the general unrest in Latin America against free-trade agreements originates from similar political consciousness. And though one should not draw up any definitive blueprints and conclusions for the future, history does force us to imagine limited possibilities.

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