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Jetztzeit: Kalidasa’s lessons for hindutva historians

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पुराणमित्येव न साधु सर्वं
न चापि काव्यं नवमित्यवद्यम्।
सन्तः परीक्ष्यान्यतरद्भजन्ते
मूढः परप्रत्ययनेयबुद्धिः।।

Every old poem is not good because it is old; nor is every new poem to be blamed because it is new; sound critics, after examination, choose one or the other, the blockhead must have his judgement guided by the knowledge of his neighbours.

Kalidasa’s Malavikagnimitram (CH Tawney’s translation)


Written by Pratyush Chandra

July 17, 2015 at 1:04 am

Posted in Ancient wisdom, Jetztzeit

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